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Estate planning is a comprehensive process that should reflect your particular needs, concerns and goals. At Melcer & Sullivan, we will create an estate plan that is tailored to your needs and goals using a variety of estate planning tools.

What is an “Estate” Anyway?

Your estate consists of anything that the law affords you an ownership right in, such as your home, car, and bank accounts. Your estate includes real property, such as land and mineral rights; and personal property, such as jewelry, cars, boats, and fine art. Your estate can also include non-physical assets, such as trademarks, royalties, and digital assets.

Creating an Estate Plan

Estate planning may be a complex task, however a well-informed plan can make a big difference in helping you achieve your objectives. Our goal is to match the right tools to your needs and objectives whether they involve tax minimization, simply avoiding probate, creditor protection for your heirs or setting up a charitable foundation. At Melcer & Sullivan we use a variety of estate planning tools to cater to estates of any size.

Benefits of Making a Will

In Texas, there are huge benefits to creating your own, personalized Last Will and Testament. Making a Will lets you decide who your estate will go to when you pass, and a valid Will reduces the costs, duration, and headache associated with the administration of an estate. Many clients feel a peace of mind knowing that they have their affairs in order and have prepared for the future.

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